If Game Of Throne was made by Nollywood, this is what the cast would look like

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If Game Of Throne was made by Nollywood, this is what the cast would look like

What if “Game of Thrones” was made by Nollywood with Nigerian actors?

From Arya, Cersei to Jon Snow, this is what the cast of “Game of Thrones” would look like if the medieval fantasy series was made by Nollywood.

It would be a war story set in the pre-colonial era and would tell the story of communities fighting for the ultimate village throne.

There would be chiefs, horses and of course, the deadly masquerades parading as white walkers.

Pulse Movies has put together Nollywood stars who would make a perfect fit for some of the show’s major characters.

Here we go;

1. Ramsay Bolton – Sambasa Nzeribe

With “Slow Country” and “A Mile from  Home,” Sambasa Nzeribe has proven his ability to own any villainous role.

We can totally picture him unleashing dogs on his victims with an evil grin on his face.

2. Ned Stark – Zack Orji

The talented veteran, Zack Orji, has the looks and charisma needed to play the much loved deceased head of House Stark, Ned Stark.

3. Lord Varys – Pete Edochie

Take off the beards and Pete Edochie effortlessly becomes Lord Varys – protecting the realm, manipulating the council and dishing out words of wisdom, but this time around, garnished with Igbo proverbs.

And then the, there’s the striking pose in the picture…

4. Lord Baelish – Chiwetalu Agu

Chiwetalu  Agu plays the manipulative, devious and evil uncle so well that it is impossible to imagine anyone else playing the role of Littlefinger.

5. Daenerys Targaryen – Nse Ikpe Etim

playNse Ikpe Etim as Mother of Dragons

Timid, strong, beautiful, a fighter with a body that can confidently stroll through fire, Nse Ikpe-Etim is one actress who can pull off Daenerys Targaryen without trying too hard.

6. Jaime Lannister – Ramsey Nouah

playRamsey Nouah as Jaime Lannister

Ramsey Nouah is a talented actor who can be whatever and whoever he wants to be on screen.

His physical agility as seen in “76,’ makes him the best actor to bring the arrogant, conflicted and gifted swordsman, Jaime Lannister, to life.

7. Olenna Tyrell as Patience Ozokwor


Olenna Tyrell’s prominent traits are her sharp wit, wisdom, cunningness and intelligence.

These are traits we have seen in Patience Ozokwor’s on-screen characters over the years and that makes her perfect for the role.

Plus, how easy it would be for Ozokwor to orchestrate something like the Purple Wedding.

8. Missandei – Adesua Etomi

playAdesua Etomi as Missandei

These two have more of an uncanny physical resemblance than any other actress you could think of. So, who better than Adesua Etomi to play the loyal Missandei.

Also, we can imagine her chemistry with Grey Worm.

9. Tywin Lannister – Richard Mofe Damijo


As we recently stated, RMD has interpreted every role there’s to interpret in Nollywood.

He has the looks, talent and charisma needed to embody the ruthless, calculating and charming Westeros’ Machiavellian, Tywin Lannister.

10. Tyrion Lannister – Chinedu Ikedieze

Witty, brilliant, devious, cunning and often underestimated; these are traits we have seen in most of Chinedu Ikedieze’s on-screen characters over the years.

So, who better to play one of the viewers’ favourite, Tyrion Lannister?

11. Cersei Lannister – Ireti Doyle

Complex, fierce, cold, political mastermind; these are roles we have seen Ireti Doyle bring to life on screen.

Who better than the “Mrs President” actress to bring Cersei to life.

Plus, they speak alike and have the same facial expressions.

12. Grey Worm – Banky W

Banky W as Grey Worm

Banky W as the strong Grey Worm, just because, we have the perfect actress interpreting Missandei and fans can’t  seem to get enough of their on-screen chemistry.

Strong, determined, well spoken and wise beyond her years, Arya Stark is one of viewers’ favourite, and that is what “Shuga” actress Jemima Osunde is to most Nigerians.

It’s easy to picture her wield her Sword while she avenges the Red Wedding.

14. Sam Tally – Gregory Ojefua

Gregory Ojefua as Sammy Tally

The uncanny resemblance is just one of the reasons why Gregory Ojefua should be Sam Tally.

His roles in “The Arbitration,” “Just Not Married” and “Suru L’ere” are enough prove that he can kill a White Walker, break laws and heal Ser Jorah.

15. Night King – Hanks Anuku


The menacing look with which Hanks Anuku delivered his roles during his acting career, makes it difficult to cast any other person as the dangerous leader of the Night  Walkers.

We may just have to bring him back from retirement.

16. King Joffrey Baratheon  – Gabriel Afolayan


As Adetiba in “King Invincible,” it’s impossible to doubt Gabriel Afolayan’s ability to be the spoiled, impulsive, and cruel Westeros prince, Joffery Barantheon.

17. Hodor – Mr Ibu


Hodor has a friendly personality, one that makes him easy to love. With John Okafor as Hodor, viewers would have a hilarious character.

And maybe, that’s just what Westeros needs.

18. Bran Stark – Olumide Oworu


Curious, courageous and determined sounds like the Olumide Oworu we have seen in “Soldier’s Story,” “Shuga” and “The Johnsons.”

And with John Okafor as Hodor, their chemistry would make being the three-eyed raven so much fun.

19. Rob Stark  – Tope Tedela

Tope Tedela as Rob Stark

Mature, brave, dutiful, stubborn, loyal and carries the weight of the world on his shoulders sounds like the Tope Tedela we have seen in movies like “Slow Country” and “Out of Luck.”

20. Melisandre – Tonto Dike


The subtle resemblance makes Tonto Dike a suitable choice as the Red Priestess of Asshai, Melisandra.

It’s easy to picture Tonto Dike dramatically trying to raise Jon Snow from the dead.

21. Jon Snow – OC Ukeje

Humble, gentle, brave, loyal and stubborn; these are the core traits of Jon Snow, and these traits aptly describes OC Ukeje’s roles over the years.

22. Tormund – Ikechukwu

Ikechukwu as the strong Tormund

Add the beards and you have a replica of Tormund in Ikechukwu. Plus, he already has the physique apt for a fighter in Westeros.

23. Wildings – Bolanle Ninolowo, Beverly Osu, Belinda Effa, Bisola Aiyeola, Denrele Edun, Falz, IK Ogbonna, Alex Ekubo, Uti Nwachukwu, Rukky Sanda

The Wildings are made up of funny, strong and weird characters.

24. Sansa Stark – Ivie Okujaye

Strong, weak and conflicted, we have seen Ivie Okujayeeffortlessly bring these characters to life in several movies. So, who better to play Sansa Stark than the “Make A Move” star.

And then, we have the Dragons, but that will be for another day.

SOURCE: Pulse ng



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