Lady Shares Her Transformation Photos From A Woman to a Man

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October 1, 2017
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October 5, 2017
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Lady Shares Her Transformation Photos From A Woman to a Man

Earlier today we posted a news about a Nigerian transgender, who turned 24 recently that shared his transformation photos on social media.

Well, the tranny has said that his mother has accepted his new life.

According to him, his mother has accepted him being a transgender and has even given him some Nigerian male names. He shared the screen grab from a conversation he had with his mother a while ago and wrote;

He shared a screenshot from a conversation he had with his mother a while ago and wrote;

“When I decided to transition I didn’t know what to expect from my parents being from a Nigerian Christian home. My mum and I are really close and I was worried she would have a hard time with the concept of losing a daughter and gaining a son but I was very wrong. She accepted it right away and even helped me come out to my dad. Since then she been my biggest supporter and I can’t express my appreciation enough. She’s given me new male Nigerian names and calls me by them. She uses male pronouns all the time, recognizes me as one of her sons and treats me accordingly. Man! I’m so blessed to have a mother so wonderful. Most time as children we don’t appreciate our parents the way we should and it’s sad that it’s only been a few years since I began recognizing her for what she does. Without my mother I wouldn’t be the man I am today. Thank you so muchmummy….I love you. Happy Mother’s Day ??

“#throwbackthursday to when I came out to my mother about being trans. I was gonna wait till Christmas 2014 but I just couldn’t, i couldn’t wait to share it with her so she can be happy with me. Of course, I was afraid and worried she would have a problem with it but she didn’t. I’m really blessed to her a mother like her. It is rare that you see this especially within the trans community. Most times you only hear about parents who struggle to accept their trans kids and rarely about accepting parents. But I want to assure, not all parents will reject you, and some may struggle at first but will get it over time. Either way, make sure you’re doing what makes you happy. Try not to be discouraged once they see you happy, it may become easier for them to be happy for you. Ps: my mama has been away for the last week! I miss her so much ??#lovingthewholeme #iamenough
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SOURCE: Gistreel

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